Symbolic Tree


The tree .. symbol of roots, growth and renewal has strong analogy to family ..

Generation after generation, season after season, family and tree incarnate the secret of life ..



This page is dedicated to Hamada's family. Mainly characterized by passion for knowledge and eagerness to spread it, the Hamada’s consider this web spot as a mean to share their thoughts with the rest of the globe and a way to contribute to the human knowledge.


Professor Dr. Farouk Hamada is the father and the inspiration. He has been professor at university for about 35 years where he held many chairs and published over 30 books in islamic science and academic methods of research. He is currently a member of the presidential advisory board in Abu Dhabi, Emirates. He is married to the lovely Hajja Khadija who has been besides him for more than three decades. The eldest is Dr. Halima, gynaecologist, married to Ali Zaki, a bright actuary.

The second is Dr. Mahmoud, financial engineer, who is passionate about many fields in mathematics.

The third is Dr. Syrine, dermatologist, married to Dr. Jamal Mounach, a neurologist.

The last, not the least, is Ahmed, a financial engineer who lives in Paris.


May the Almighty bless this family..


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